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1833009C2/2513520C1 Perkins Belt For 1306E-87TAG engine FG Wilson parts

  • 1833009C2/2513520C1 Perkins Belt For 1306E-87TAG engine FG Wilson parts
  • 1833009C2/2513520C1 Perkins Belt For 1306E-87TAG engine FG Wilson parts
  • 1833009C2/2513520C1 Perkins Belt For 1306E-87TAG engine FG Wilson parts
  • 1833009C2/2513520C1 Perkins Belt For 1306E-87TAG engine FG Wilson parts
Model No.︰1833009C2/25135
Brand Name︰Perkins
Country of Origin︰United Kingdom
Unit Price︰US $ 1 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

We are appointed Perkins distributor and belong to belong to CAT(caterpillar) Sime Darby Group, we supply generator and genuine/original parts for Perkins/Caterpillar/Fg Wilson and some other brands.

Our warehouse reserves more than 10,000 kinds of different original parts and accessories.

Provide us engine information such as model number and build list, we can supply all the genuine/original parts you need.

email: echo13202891528@outlook.com;  echo.tian.miao@simedarby.com.hk

whatsApp: +86 13202891528

weChat +86 13202891528

tel: +86 13202891528

QQ: 851214744


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2614B673 BELT,FAN        
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2614B677 BELT,FAN        
2614B679 BELT,FAN        
2614B943 BELT,FAN        
2614B944 BELT,FAN        
2614B947 BELT,FAN        
2614B950 BELT,FAN        
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2614B977 BELT,FAN        
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2614C148 BELT,FAN        
2614D610 BELT,FAN        
2614D615 BELT,FAN        
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2614E002 BELT            
2614E003 BELT,FAN        
2614E004 BELT,FAN        
2614E005 BELT,FAN        
2614E006 BELT,FAN        
2614E007 BELT,FAN        
2614E008 BELT,FAN        
2614E009 BELT,FAN        
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2614E013 BELT,FAN        
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2614E015 BELT,FAN        
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2614E017 BELT,FAN        
2614E018 BELT,FAN        
2614E019 BELT,FAN        
2614E020 BELT,FAN        
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2614E030 BELT,FAN        
2614E031 BELT,FAN        
2614E035 BELT,FAN        
2614E038 BELT,FAN        
2614E041 BELT,FAN        
2638C032 BELT            
296-8115 BELT,FAN        
298-5863 BELT,FAN        
298-5869 BELT,FAN        
298-5871 BELT,FAN        
298-5879 BELT,FAN        
298-5882 BELT,FAN        
350-8746 BELT            
3508739 BELT            
3508740 BELT            
365-2975 BELT            
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4506642 BELT            
4590657 V BELT          
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4741034 V BELT          
4794118 BELT            
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4836384 V BELT          
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5029186 V BELT          
512-1504 BELT            
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5138591 V BELT          
533-1876 BELT,FAN        
533-1879 BELT,FAN        
533-1885 BELT,FAN        
533-1888 BELT,FAN        
5331877 BELT,FAN        
5331886 BELT,FAN        
5331889 BELT,FAN        
540-6555 BELT            
541/398 BELT,TIMING     
541/404 BELT,FAN        
541/416 BELT,FAN        
541/417 BELT,FAN        
541/419 BELT,FAN        
541/420 BELT,FAN        
541/422 BELT,FAN        
541/424 BELT,FAN        
541/425 BELT            
541/427 BELT            
541/440 BELT,FAN        
541/441 BELT,FAN        
541/442 BELT,FAN        
541/443 BELT,FAN        
541/444 FAN BELT        
541/445 FAN BELT        
541/446 FAN BELT SET    
8SE323B/3 BELT GUARD      
809/58 BELT GUARD      
809/59 BELT GUARD      

Foshan Sime Darby Elco Power Equipment Limited are the appointed Perkins distributors in China. Through our network of approved dealers, we supply genuine Perkins engines and parts, as well as provide product support and warranty services. Elco are also an approved Perkins Gas Partner (PGP) across many countries Worldwide. Elco pride themselves on engineering excellence and providing Best in Class product support across all regions, with a team of trained trainers who support the network as well as in-house design and CAD facilities, we also house a training centre offering certified Perkins training.


Perkins engines are widely used in:

Generator set (for example: FG Wilson generator set)
Construction Machinery (for example: JCB mini excavator, Ingersoll Rand Bobcat mini excavator, Vogele paver, Wittmann paver of United States, Terex backhoe)
Forklift (Linde, Hyster, Jungheinrich, TAILIFT)
Agricultural machinery (such as: tractor, combine harvester)
Other industrial equipment (such as: Genie (GENIE) hydraulic aerial cage, JLG hydraulic aerial cage)


 our company belong to CAT(caterpillar) SIME DARBY Group,we supply original/genuine parts for Caterpillar main models.

Caterpillar Excavator:307 312C 312D 320B 320C 320D 323D 324D 324E 325B 325C 325D 329D 329E 330C 330D 336D 336E 345B 345C 345D 349D 349E 365C 385C 390D etc.
Caterpillar Bulldozer :D5 D6 D7 D8 D9 D10T D11 etc.
Caterpillar Loading machine:936 950 960 966 970 972 980 988 990 994 etc.
Caterpillar Heavy duty truck:769 770 772 773 775 777 785 789 793 797 etc.
Caterpillar Engine:3066 3116 3126 3306 3406 3408 3412 3508 3512 3516 3606 3608 3612 C4.4 C6.4 C6.6 C7 C9 C10 C11 C12 C13 C15 C18 C27 C32 C175 C280
Caterpillar Gas engine:G3304 G3612 G3408C G3606 G399 G3616 G3608 G3606B G353D G333C G3408 G3408B G342C G379 G379A G398 G343 G3304B G3512B G3306B

Our company Provide genuine/original FG Wilson diesel generator set spare parts 
for the common models:
P9.5-4,P13.5-6,P18-6,P22-6,P33-3,P50-3, , P55-3,P65-5,P88-3,P110-3,P150-5,P165-
5,P200-3, , P220-3,P250-3,P275-3, P450-3,P330-3, P400-3, P450-3,P500-3,P550-3,P605-
3,P450-3,P2250E,P2250-1E,P2500-1E,P27,P30E ,P40,P44E ,P40,P44E1 ,P45,P44E1,P45P,P50E,P45P1,P50E1,P60,P65E,P60P1,P65E1,P70,P77E,P75P1,P83E1,P90,P100E, P100,P110E,P135,P150E,160H,P188HE ,P200H ,P230H, P250H,P300,P330E ,P350,P380E , P380,P425E ,P450 , P500,P550E,P550,P605E ,P563,P625E, P600 , P650,P850 , P852 P910,P1000 ,P1250, 
P1275,P1400E, P1350,P1650E ,P1700 ,P1750 ,PP1825,P2000, P330P3 ,P450E1,P450P1, P700E
We provide full range of FG Wilson parts for customers to purchase(engine parts, filters, power system voltmeters, ammeters, frequency meters, varioussensors, water heaters, oil caps, etc.)


And we also supply parts such as generator parts, gas turbine parts, marine engine parts, generator sets parts; Volvo engine parts; JCB parts  MTU (Benz) parts; Cummins parts; Yanmar parts; MITSUBISHI parts etc.

Our Diesel Engine parts as follows:
1, commonly used consumables and accessories: all kinds of filters, coolant, belt, repair kit (cylinder mattress, oil pan gasket and other full oil seals, gaskets, sealing components).
2, all kinds of tiles: connecting rod, spindle, cam, thrust;
3, cylinder head and all parts: basin head, rocker arm, valve, valve tube, seat ring, valve spring, valve tappet;
4, each part of the middle cylinder: cylinder, connecting rod, crankshaft, piston, piston ring, cylinder liner (four matching).
5. Cooling system: fan, cooler, cooling nozzle, pump, oil pump, water tank and air box.
6, fuel system: high pressure oil pump, injector;
7, others: flywheel and gear ring, cam and shaft, charger, starter motor, supercharger, hand pump, connecting pipe fittings, inductor, electronic module, bolt nut, blockage head and so on


We provide parts for Perkins engine models as follows:
1.Perkins 400 series industrial engine:402D-05,402D-05G,403A-11G1,403A-15G1,403A-15G2,403D-07,403D-07G,403D-11,403D-11G,403D-15,403D-15G,403D-15T,403D-17,403F-07,403F-07G,403F-11,403F-11G,403F-15,403F-15G,403F-15T,403F-15TG,403F-E17T,404A-22G1,404D-15,404D-22,404D-22G,404D-22T,404D22TA,404D-22TAG,404D-22TG,404F-E22T,404F-E22TA.

2.Perkins 850 series engine:854E-E34TA,854E-E34T,854F-E34T,854F-E34TA.

3.Perkins 1100 series engine:1103A-33G,1103A-33TG1,1103A-33TG2,1103C-33T,1103C-33TG3,1103D-33,1103D-33TA,1104A-44,1104A-44T,1104A-44TG1,1104A-44TG2,1104C-44,1104C-44T,1104C-44TA,1104C-44TAG1,1104C-44TAG2,1104C-44TAG3,1104C-TG2,1104C-TG3,1104D-44,1104D-44T,1104D-44TA,1104D-44TG1,1104D-44TG2,1104D-44TG3,1104D-E44T,1104D-E44TA,1104D-E44TAG1,1104D-E44TAG2,1104D-E44TG1,1106A-7-TAG2,1106A-70TAG3,1106A-70TAG4,1106C-70TA,1106D-70TA,1106D-E70TA,1106D-E70TAG2,1106D-E70TAG3,1106D-E70TAG4,1106D-E70TAG5.

4.Perkins 1200 series engine:1204E-E44TA,1204E-E44TTA,1204E-E44TAG1,1204E-E44TTAG2,1204F-E44TA,1204F-E44TTA,1204F-E44TTAG2,1206E-E66TA,1206E-E70TTA,1206E-E70TTAG3,1206E-E70TTAAG4,1206F-E70TA,1206F-E70TTA,1206F-E70TTAG3,1206F-E70TTAG4.


5.Perkins 1306 series engine:1306A-E87TAG3, 1306A-E87TAG4,1306A-E87TAG6,1306C-E87TAG3, 1306C-E87TAG4, 1306C-E87TAG5, 1306C-E87TAG6, 1306-E87T, 1306-E76T, 1306-E87TA

6.Perkins 1500 series engine:1506A-E88TAG1,1506A-E88TAG2,1506A-E88TAG3,1506A-E88TAG4,1506A-E88TAG5,1506C-E88TAG1,1506C-E88TAG2,1506C-E88TAG3,1506D-E88TAG3,1506D-E88TAG5.

7.Perkins 1600 series engine:1606D-E93TAG1,1606D-E93TAG2,1606D-E93TAG3,1606A-E93TAG4,1606D-E93TAG4,1606A-E93TAG5,1606D-E93TAG5,1606A-E93TAG.

8.Perkins 2000 series engine:2206A-E13TAG2,2206A-E13TAG3,2206A-E13TAG5,2206A-E13TAG6,2206D-E13TAG2,2206D-E13TAG3,2206A-E15TAG1,2206A-E15TAG2, 2206A-E15TAG3, 2206A-E15TAG4, 2506C-E15TAG1, 2506C-E15TAG2, 2506C-E15TAG3, 2506C-E15TAG4,2506D-E15TAG1,2506D-E15TAG2,2806A-E18TAG1A, 2806A-E18TAG2, 2806A-E18TAG3, 2806C-E18TAG1A,2806C-E18TAG2, 2806C-E18TAG3,2806D-E18TAG1A.

9.Perkins 4000 series engine:4006-23TAG2A,4006-23TAG3A, 4006-23TAG4, 4006-23TRS1,4006D-23TAG2,4008-30TAG1, 4008-30TAG2, 4008-30TAG3, 4008-30TRS1,4008TAG, 4008TAG1, 4008-TAG1A, 4008TAG2,4012TESI,4012-46TAG0A, 4012-46TAG1A, 4012-46TAG2A, 4012-46TAG3A, 4012-46TWG2A, 4012-46TWG3A, 4012-46TWG4A,4016-61TRG1, 4016-61TRG3, 4016-61TRS1,4016-TAG1A,4016-TAG2A.

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